Axo has more than 15 online stores and various eCommerce Apps, which allow us to continue offering the best shopping experience in each of our brands.

Our customers are finding an increasingly omnichannel ecosystem with some of the following digital competencies:

  •  - Omnichannel, where the customer has the same brand experience in physical and digital stores.
  •  - Integrated services between sales channels such as:
    • Pick Up In Store, through this method, our customers can buy online and pick up their products at the store of their choice.
    • Find In Store, allows our customers to locate their favorite products in the nearest store of their choice so that they can purchase them more easily.
    • Ship From Store and Return In Store, offering delivery and ease in the return process of their online purchases through our stores.
  •  - Versatility in different payment and delivery methods.
  •  - Customer service with different contact channels, such as chat, telephone, and e-mail.
  •  - Have the best technology platform for e-commerce that allows us to scale our operation to the required levels.