About Us

We are a leading multi-brand, multi-segment retail ecosystem in the apparel, fashion accessories, footwear, beauty, personal care, and home fixtures & furniture product categories. We are a best-in-class distributor of more than 40 international and highly recognized brands in Mexico, Chile, Peru and Uruguay from physical to digital stores, in the full-price and off-price formats.

Keeping the customer at the center is what guides our actions and allows us to deliver great brand experiences throughout the Axo ecosystem.

In more than 27 years of experience, we have brought highly recognized brands closer to our customers, with the level of excellence, quality and service that defines us.

Our track record of success and consistent, sustainable growth is only achievable through our focus on talent, supported by a management team with strong corporate governance provisions in place that allow us to continue evolving and adapting to the dynamic and changing market environment, driving our omnichannel approach and customer experience.

Authenticity, inclusion, passion, loyalty, and integrity are values that are ingrained in our DNA, resulting in a unique culture of support, and collaboration that enables us to meet the needs of our customers with authentic brand experiences while also strengthening the trust of our strategic partners to continue enriching and growing their brands in Axo.

+40 brands

At Axo, we are committed to our social responsibility and long-term sustainability. Concerned with the impact we generate among the communities in which we operate and its environment, always taking care of diversity and inclusion, we have implemented different strategies / actions, like the following:

Social responsibility

Tailored Help is Axo’s social responsibility initiative that consists in assisting different local foundations. Through this initiative, our customers and associates can be part of, participate, and contribute to, a positive social impact, demonstrating the XL size of their hearts.

Environmental responsibility

Since 2018, our sustainability project #ProudToBeGreen is focused on implementing corporate actions for the reduction of our carbon footprint and water management. Thanks to this initiative, we have reduced our paper and plastic consumption, while also implementing a recycling system within the offices and distribution centers to safeguard natural resources.

Women in the workplace

Under our values of diversity and inclusion, generating opportunities for all is part of our DNA. Axo is proud that women represent 52% of our workforce and 56% of our leadership team.

Recirculation in fashion

As part of our responsibility to the entire fashion ecosystem, in 2021 we invested in Vopero®, a resale channel that supports our sustainability strategy through fashion recirculation.