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In Grupo Axo, we believe that a business based in strong values and Corporate Responsability strengthens our organization, that is why via our programs of Tailored Help, Top Management and employees do the right thing by supporting non-profit organizations and communities through the following programs:

1. Childhood health and poverty

2. Women breast cancer initiatives and empowerment

3. Communities development

This year the support was given to the organization “Construyendo”, which looks to increase volunteering solidarity in construction projects of houses, classrooms, working spaces, community and health centers, by complementing human development and transforming Mexico with over more than 4,200 volunteers.

The help is given to low-income families who could reach a situation of extreme poverty, through projects that satisfy their basic needs, working hand by hand with the volunteers and the beneficiaries to improve their lives.

We know that united we can make an important change in the country, building new opportunities, dreams, illusions and hopes in our volunteers and the families who we help.